The Garden

Welcome you Lost, you escapees from the Hedge, and to the occasional visitor as well. You are in the territory of Savannah, a once proud capitol of Georgia, now a slow-paced, gentile city of old families, recent pilgrims, and tourists as well. The City is beautiful by day but extremely dangerous at night by those who know. Oh it’s no mundane danger, no simple muggings or murder, but from a much stranger source, The Hedge spills out into this fair city and most denizens have no idea that a court of magically transformed citizens work to keep the city safe at night. Yes, the Mundys sleep in this garden, while we, the Lost, work for good or ill driving the direction of this City during the day and into the midnight. Come learn the history of this strange locale and join us in the glamour of The Garden.

This page is connected to Savannah College of Art and Designs Gamers Guild and the work of J. Michael Arons

In The Garden of Good and Evil

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