In The Garden of Good and Evil

Castle in Snow

So, with the distrust against Mark Ledger rampant from even his own courtiers, A motley seeks his Hollow, to dig dirt, to catch him unaware, I wonder….

The Hedge does not give secrets up lightly, but finding the trod they had attempted to use before was easy, as were the defenses in a clearing. Tall grass hid white Rarrbits, small, with hands and feets, big round heads, and pearly smiles to chomp on limbs which they did a number of times against the group. Enough to deal damage, but not enough to keep them from a red door set in middle of the field.

Slenderman unlocked the door and the group used it to access a new location, a hill set upon a loch. Snow covered battlements and a creepy Castle waited silently for the group. There were few rooms still intact, but a door in the back of a larder led down to a smaller room, Slenderman and Rasa explored, Faust took his time, and Clutch fell to the floor of this room in an attempt to explore what could only be the abode of a Winter King. The room was sparse but for a desk and ornate chair, backed by a canvas of grey cloth, sewn with the image of an arrow on it.

Upon the desk were rolled paper, scrolls written with strange cryptic messages. Rasa attempted to search the papers with her limited knowledge of Icelaw, a secret communication script used by the Winter Court. What she discovered paints the Winter King as a loyalist or Freebooter who gladly gave people to the Gentry in order to keep himself from being taken and bar True Fae incursion into Savannah. For The Greater Good, my ass. Other Changelings or even mundane, unensorcelled people were dragged back through The Hedge for Fae masters…

Do these records accurately depict the grievous sins of the Present Winter King?



Rasa may not have to take the scrolls and run, as she already took photos of each one—photos that are all good enough for all of the coded words to be legible. However, she does consider the possibility that the scrolls have an occult property that would prevent them from being copied or photographed—such as the coded words in the resulting copy or photo disappearing or being muddled or magically changed. She’d probably both check her photos on her phone and rely on her occult knowledge (basically do an occult roll with artifacts being her specialty). If she detects that such a defensive measure does indeed exist, then she would be forced to take the scrolls and run, but not before scouring the room for that force that seems to be watching her. Scouring the room would entail not just mundane perception, but supernatural as well—both her own and her motley’s and her dogs’.

Castle in Snow

The photos do appear blurry, as if the code refuses to be taken, but it is readable if you squint. The castle itself does not seem to have any other defenses, not much of a hollow if it is presently used…

Castle in Snow

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