In The Garden of Good and Evil

DFJ in The Park

So… Winter defended Savannah from a nefarious Fae which had an obsession for art. Autumn was cast as the border keepers of a fog cast on Forysth. This did not sit well with Rasa and she left. With assistance from the ever ready Faust and Slenderman they divined that the True Fae may have a ban connected to his own visage, ie Dorian Grey. After liberating paintings from Sentient Bean, Slender confronted the beast with a painting to no effect but to start a conversation. It was a distraction, and may have earned him a friend in the True Fae except for the fact most of the Winter Court enforcers and the King were trying to kill it. Their single Court numbers were not enough to deal the correct damage, but the effects of certain contracts and pledges were enough to corral “The DFJ” in Forsyth. Rasa, Slender, and a put out Faust dealt deadly blows to the Creature with the destruction of the paintings, at once stabbing and burning them, leading to the DFJs face melting, carapace cracking, and body oozing in an attempt to escape. Frozen by Rasa and others, the leaping ooze was stuck, until the final blow was delivered by Faust with the cudgel given to him by Liam Green. The pieces were collected and the park cleaned in record time, so that none would know what transpired, especially Summer and Spring. Confronting Mark Ledger had no visible effect, but the groups dissension was noted, enough that Faust threatened The Winter King.

Faust – “Im a Fall, Im supposed to figure things out”
Ledger – “Good Luck”

This led to even more animosity between the motley and Winter, even though Rasa herself is a servant of the Silent Arrow. Where will this take them now.



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