In The Garden of Good and Evil

Safe Arbor

...sometimes you don't find anything but the path

So while the King has outlawed going to the Circus, it has been visited and been a hot topic at Lady Raglan’s Green.

While Ogres of the other courts are discussing the damaging influence of something, the Motley finds at least the way it may have entered Savannah.

407 E. Anderson is a scene of destruction, a door blown in, grit on the steps, and a destroyed Hedge Gate on the roof. With the aid of Clutch, Liam was able to reconstruct the arbor to be used again. The group stands waiting for the gate to open during the midnight hours of most gates, but nothing happens. Fredrick decides to open the gate himself, at 12:01, and find the path very direct, leading through brambles, jutting rock, and finally to a sheer drop from the thorned walls. Only one of the party was able to descend through smoky clouds below, watching in abject horror the scene below. What would appear to be a work camp of a large number of things, some Changelings, some Hobs, expands for at least 2 miles from the wall. Large furnaces parked on the grey floor bellow smoke and glow bright with work. Creatures at forges and living anvils surround the area, carriers flit here and there between work stations, but there is no discernible master or Keeper, not even a foreman for this company of Lost doing work in a pit, in The Hedge. The group decided not to investigate further, deciding this is probably where the Stonebones came from or through and left, making no contacts nor providing aid to those working below…



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