Foxy Lane

Fairest Entertainer at Club One


6’, 7’ in heels. Out of makeup, Foxy is still stunning, with jagged good looks, a strong chin, supple cheeks, it looks as if he has had surgery to enhance his looks but this was due to his durance in Arcadia. There are no pictures of what he looked like before being taken.
In drag, Foxy often wears a red wig, flaming streaks of blonde and orange through a beautiful, layered wig with extra long bangs. It sweeps his neck and shoulders like fire falling from his head. Lately he has been trying to accessorize with aspects of Spring, ivy bands, azure jewelry, and fresh flowers at her makeup station.


Sometime MC for the Drag Shows, Foxy totes himself as an “Experience” often casually using glamour magic disguised as stage effects to give the audience something special, as well as earn himself large tips. Occasionally makes friends through his performances, as well as lovers, and enemies. Doesn’t control Club One, but likes to play there.

Foxy Lane

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