Rasa Velazquez

Hel hath no fury like a woman scorned...


High Mantle Winter courtier, now Winter Queen in the wake of Ledger’s demise. Works in the Chandler Hospital morgue.


Age: 23 years
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Gravewight/ Skogsra
Personality: Seductive and secretive, cold and captivating: a Femme Fatale in every sense of the word. You can force her to obey you, but never to like you—and god help you if you stand in her way.
Mask: Rasa possesses an exotic beauty of Middle Eastern origins. Her hair is wavy and thick and goes down to her mid-back, matching the deep brown of her eyes. Her skin is tanned to raw umber, while her build is on the thinner side of average— not particularly voluptuous.
Mein: Those who manage to see beneath her façade discover a persona both beautiful and frightening—echoing the semblance of an old death goddess, akin to Ereshkigal or Hel. Her skin is nearly as pale as the flesh of a corpse, contrasting starkly with her even longer dark hair. Her flesh becomes more translucent the farther down her body it goes, revealing the organs and muscles and bones of much of her lower body. Below her knees it even begins to appear decayed, frozen, increasing until it reaches her toes—now little more than bones. Finally there’s the hollow in her back, hidden by her long locks of hair. The massive hole in her flesh is like a dark abyss, with her spine running through it like a white streak in the black.

Rasa Velazquez

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