Scott Weeks

5th Generation Funeral Director


Tall with short cropped black hair. His Mask is rather young looking, with a friendly smile and smoky blue eyes.

His Mein is chapped, cuts appear at the crooks of his mouth and around his eyes, sullen and sallow bags hang below grey eyes. His body is lean but he is short.


Taken young for his pedigree, his disappearance was masked by his fetch replacement, which took to the middle management and doing what it was told with no prospect for the future of the family business. Meanwhile, Scott was digging holes and filling bodies with sawdust, procuring herbs and ointments, and all manner of odd jobs to take care of the countless bodies that existed in his Keepers realm. The Ghosts begged for freedom, something he was not to provide even for himself, for respite, again not something he could afford, but also for respect, something he could give freely. He worked diligently and with reverence, an act of defiance against The Corpse of Kings, a strange and eerie collector, who cared more for numbers than quality.

Deriving his power from the stacks and stacks of bodies which lay support to his realm, The Corpse of Kings would tire of waiting for Scott to secure more dead from neighboring realms, enough that he always had words for him at the end of the day. Scott learned more from his time with the dead then actually being taught anything by The Corpse, enough that his reverent care pleased them and they told reminded him of the ways out, the ways to get back by the realms of their own former keepers. Scott escaped by other realms, knowing the bans and the trods to keep him safe, eventually finding others who used an underground railroad system to get Lost home.

Scott came back, hardier, but not much older, his durance made him a stronger, a more stable person, now with an intimate knowledge of the human body and soul. Scott was able to secure pledges with others in the area to regain his life with the death of his own Fetch. He now works hard to earn the life he has been given back and to take care of the loose ends left by others in their departure from this life. A hero, if any exist, in the Court of Sorrow.

Scott Weeks

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