In The Garden of Good and Evil

Castle in Snow

So, with the distrust against Mark Ledger rampant from even his own courtiers, A motley seeks his Hollow, to dig dirt, to catch him unaware, I wonder….

The Hedge does not give secrets up lightly, but finding the trod they had attempted to use before was easy, as were the defenses in a clearing. Tall grass hid white Rarrbits, small, with hands and feets, big round heads, and pearly smiles to chomp on limbs which they did a number of times against the group. Enough to deal damage, but not enough to keep them from a red door set in middle of the field.

Slenderman unlocked the door and the group used it to access a new location, a hill set upon a loch. Snow covered battlements and a creepy Castle waited silently for the group. There were few rooms still intact, but a door in the back of a larder led down to a smaller room, Slenderman and Rasa explored, Faust took his time, and Clutch fell to the floor of this room in an attempt to explore what could only be the abode of a Winter King. The room was sparse but for a desk and ornate chair, backed by a canvas of grey cloth, sewn with the image of an arrow on it.

Upon the desk were rolled paper, scrolls written with strange cryptic messages. Rasa attempted to search the papers with her limited knowledge of Icelaw, a secret communication script used by the Winter Court. What she discovered paints the Winter King as a loyalist or Freebooter who gladly gave people to the Gentry in order to keep himself from being taken and bar True Fae incursion into Savannah. For The Greater Good, my ass. Other Changelings or even mundane, unensorcelled people were dragged back through The Hedge for Fae masters…

Do these records accurately depict the grievous sins of the Present Winter King?

DFJ in The Park

So… Winter defended Savannah from a nefarious Fae which had an obsession for art. Autumn was cast as the border keepers of a fog cast on Forysth. This did not sit well with Rasa and she left. With assistance from the ever ready Faust and Slenderman they divined that the True Fae may have a ban connected to his own visage, ie Dorian Grey. After liberating paintings from Sentient Bean, Slender confronted the beast with a painting to no effect but to start a conversation. It was a distraction, and may have earned him a friend in the True Fae except for the fact most of the Winter Court enforcers and the King were trying to kill it. Their single Court numbers were not enough to deal the correct damage, but the effects of certain contracts and pledges were enough to corral “The DFJ” in Forsyth. Rasa, Slender, and a put out Faust dealt deadly blows to the Creature with the destruction of the paintings, at once stabbing and burning them, leading to the DFJs face melting, carapace cracking, and body oozing in an attempt to escape. Frozen by Rasa and others, the leaping ooze was stuck, until the final blow was delivered by Faust with the cudgel given to him by Liam Green. The pieces were collected and the park cleaned in record time, so that none would know what transpired, especially Summer and Spring. Confronting Mark Ledger had no visible effect, but the groups dissension was noted, enough that Faust threatened The Winter King.

Faust – “Im a Fall, Im supposed to figure things out”
Ledger – “Good Luck”

This led to even more animosity between the motley and Winter, even though Rasa herself is a servant of the Silent Arrow. Where will this take them now.

What Dreams...

This takes place due to the insistence of one that he can fix everything.

There is a missing persons report for Shandra Levy, that you may see around town. In the coffee shop she worked at, at other businesses, and in the Savannah Morning News

Safe Arbor
...sometimes you don't find anything but the path

So while the King has outlawed going to the Circus, it has been visited and been a hot topic at Lady Raglan’s Green.

While Ogres of the other courts are discussing the damaging influence of something, the Motley finds at least the way it may have entered Savannah.

407 E. Anderson is a scene of destruction, a door blown in, grit on the steps, and a destroyed Hedge Gate on the roof. With the aid of Clutch, Liam was able to reconstruct the arbor to be used again. The group stands waiting for the gate to open during the midnight hours of most gates, but nothing happens. Fredrick decides to open the gate himself, at 12:01, and find the path very direct, leading through brambles, jutting rock, and finally to a sheer drop from the thorned walls. Only one of the party was able to descend through smoky clouds below, watching in abject horror the scene below. What would appear to be a work camp of a large number of things, some Changelings, some Hobs, expands for at least 2 miles from the wall. Large furnaces parked on the grey floor bellow smoke and glow bright with work. Creatures at forges and living anvils surround the area, carriers flit here and there between work stations, but there is no discernible master or Keeper, not even a foreman for this company of Lost doing work in a pit, in The Hedge. The group decided not to investigate further, deciding this is probably where the Stonebones came from or through and left, making no contacts nor providing aid to those working below…

Breaking Down Doors

So after investigating the attacks, coming to wrong conclusions, an abandoned rehab was burnt down. This led to at least a few people becoming involved in something they had no stakes in, while others drawn by other needs investigated a camp used by the homeless that had become a slaughter house. Out of fear or ruthlessness, a motley of changelings destroyed a gate which had been constructed by another Lost to allow a pack of Briarwolves to run riot, hopefully putting an end to the kidnapping and murder of the destitute. It will be a long while until anyone settles down there again.

The Long Dark
...Below Forysth

Two changelings chose to use the long dark to traverse The Hedge. Without a guide, good sense, or a purpose they of course got lost. The Hedge changed direction, lead them to dead ends, both figurative and literal, and revealed a hobgoblin village without a viable market. They were very lucky that nothing bigger than a wizened found them and they made their way back. Still not satisfied, both took up guard duty to see if anything else came out.
A Hob was witnessed making his way back to the Hedge but was delayed by the Lost in hiding; it still escaped after doing who knows what in town.

The Hedge
Gamers Guild, The Hedge, First


A few of the Lost of Savannah found themselves in The Hedge, not revealing their motives to each other but staying together for safety. Upon the Trod they met the Winter King, Mark Ledger, coming the other way. Before given a chance to truly converse about each others presence they were attacked by Blackgators from the brackish water that buffeted the right side of the Trod. Slenderman was almost eaten but the gators were dispatched between the two groups. The motley was sent back the way they came winding up near the water treatment plant, on E. President Street.

Lets Get Started
Gamers Guild

So, Starting this Friday, the game starts. For those who’ve already signed up, awesome, those who haven’t, you are making my work load that much more strenuous. Game begins and hopefully I won’t overwork the concept, but I am so open to suggestions, criticism, and any offers to help. This game will have live action components, scavenger hunts, check ins, forum posts, tabletop, and twitter feeds. Is that enough? Will my energy and enthusiasm suffer? Will the players enjoy the dedication?
We shall see…

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